Susan Carn's Favourite weather sites

I’ve got a list of favourite weather and climate websites that I look at.


Bureau of Meteorology

There are lots of Australian weather sites and apps, but I prefer to go to the source for most of my information.

Australian climate influences

First things first – learn about what we’re up against! An interactive page on the systems that impact Australia, and when.


A new map-based system factoring in local conditions. Get detailed weather info and 7-day forecasts for your area.

Interactive weather and wave forecast maps

Watch a graphic of the forecast systems move across Australia for the next 7 days.

ENSO wrap-up

Current state of the Pacific and Indian Ocean, including a quick El Nino-watch tracker.

Climate outlooks – monthly and seasonal

Interactive – zoom in on your area.

Outlook video

The seasonal outlook explained. Brilliant!

Water and the Land

A 'one-stop weather/climate shop' for agriculture.

Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO)

Keep an eye on this tropical influence.


Other sites


Estimated rainfall for the coming week, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Here are some instructions to see their estimated rainfall for the coming week:

  • Put in the coordinates of where you live. For example, Quorn is -32.347 Latitude and 138.04 Longitude.
  • Click Continue
  • On the next screen: Meteorogram with v arrow; press v.
  • Click GFS Model (1.0 degree, 0-192h, 3 hrly, Global,pressure).
  • Scroll down to enter access code
  • Put in those 6 letters (lower case is ok).
  • Click Get Meteorogram.

The first box will give the total precipitation and when it is expected to fall (scroll down to days of week).

Seasonal forecast, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

Next to Parameter, click on Precipitation anomaly for their take on the seasonal forecast.

Seasonal forecast, APEC Climate Center Predictions (from South Korea)

Get their take on seasonal forecasts with monthly breakdowns. Scroll down to Deterministic MME forecast; under Month, click down arrow; and under region, click Australia. It even goes out to 6 months, which can be useful, but I use it with caution.

DEPI Victoria’s Climate Dogs

My favorite site! It entertainingly explains 5 of the main climate drivers using short, animated videos.

Lightning tracker, Weatherzone


Information updated 1 Dec 2014

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