MCV Climate Champion program

This page describes the completed MCV research project, the Climate Champion program. It ran from 2009 to June 2016.



What was the Managing Climate Variability Climate Champion program?

The Managing Climate Variability (MCV) Climate Champion program aimed to help farmers manage climate risk by:

  • giving farmers the best climate tools, products, practices and seasonal outlooks, and an understanding of how they might use that in their farm business
  • giving climate researchers a chance to interact with farmers and get feedback about what regions and industries need from research.

Australian farmers from around Australia, representing most major agricultural commodities, took part in the program.

They had opportunities to:

  • talk with researchers about the tools and information they need to help them manage climate risk
  • trial early research products and practices, and possibly influence the research
  • influence how research findings are communicated to farmers
  • help farmers in their region and industry learn how to deal with the variable and changing climate.

The program was a finalist in the Banksia Sustainability Awards for Leadership in Citizenship and Communities. It was also a runner-up for the 2011 Eureka Prize for Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge.

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Who funded it?

The program, through the Managing Climate Variability program, was also supported by our rural research and development partners:


Who were the farmers who took part?

The farmers listed below were participants in the Managing Climate Variability Climate Champion program, which ran from 2010 to 2016.

Click on a farmer's name in the table below to read about how they are working with the climate.

Click on 'Commodity' or 'Region' to filter the table. If no table is displayed below, try widening your search terms (for example by selecting 'Region > All').

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Climate Champion Commodity Region Member
Andrew Carmichael Grains  Coolamon, NSW  Alumni (2010-13) 
Andrew Watson Cotton and grains  Boggabri, northern NSW  Alumni (2013-14) 
Bill Hunt Grains and sheep  Bordertown, SA  Alumni (2010-13) 
Bill Yates Grains and grazing  Garah, NSW  Current 
Bruce Saxton Grains and beef  Corryong, Vic  Alumni (2010-13) 
Colin Dunne Grains and beef  Capricornia, Qld  Alumni (2010-13) 
David Bruer Grapes  Strathalbyn, SA  Alumni (2010-13) 
David Cattanach Grains  Darlington Point, NSW  Current 
David Drage Grains and sheep  Warracknabeal, Vic  Alumni (2010-13) 
David Rankine Beef  Torrens Creek, Qld  Current 
David Smith Grains and sheep  Birchip, Vic  Alumni (2010-13) 
Des & Jenan Cannon Honey, beeswax, pollination  Urila, NSW  Current 
Fleur Porter Grains  Ajana, WA  Alumni (2010-13) 
Gillian (Taylor) Sanbrook Beef  Wymah Valley, NSW  Current 
Ian MacGibbon Beef, sugar  Millaroo to Marlborough, Qld  Current 
James Hegarty Sheep and beef (agistment)  Longreach, Qld  Alumni (2012-13) 
James Walker Sheep  Longreach and Isisford, Qld  Current 
Joe Keynes Merino sheep  Keyneton, South Australia  Current 
John Ive Beef and sheep  Yass Valley, NSW  Current 
John Scotney Grains and sheep  Dandaragan Shire, WA  Alumni (2012-13) 
Kathleen Allan Sheep  Yass, NSW  Alumni (2013) 
Krysteen McElroy Grains, grapes and livestock  Padthaway, SA  Alumni (2010-13) 
Kym Fromm Grains and sheep  Orroroo, SA  Current 
Lachlan Bull Rice, grains, sheep  Riverina NSW  Current 
Leslie & Alice Roberts Beef  Dyers Crossing, NSW  Alumni (2010-12) 
Linton Brimblecombe Grains and horticulture  Lockyer Valley, Qld  Alumni (2010-13) 
Lynne Strong Dairy  Illawarra, NSW  Alumni (2010-13) 
Mark & Andrea Hannemann Grains, legumes and sheep  Cleve, SA  Alumni (2010-13) 
Matthew Pitt Beef, sheep, and essential oils  Hamilton, Tas  Current 
Michael Waring Sugar  Ingham, Qld  Current 
Nigel Corish Cotton, grains  Maranoa and Warrego  Current 
Paul Miller Grapes and horticulture  SA, Vic and WA  Alumni (2010-13) 
Pele Cannon Bees  Urila, NSW  Alumni (2010-13) 
Peter Holding Winter crops and wool lambs  Harden, NSW  Current 
Peter Horwood Grains and livestock  West Mingenew, WA  Current 
Peter Whip Beef  Longreach, Qld  Current 
Rob Holmes Cotton  Moree, NSW  Current 
Robert Quirk Beef and sugar  Tweed River, NSW  Current 
Royce Taylor Grains and sheep  Lake Grace, WA  Alumni (2010-13) 
Sam Hamilton Beef and sheep  Rylstone, NSW  Alumni (2010-13) 
Simon Wallwork Grains and cattle  Corrigin, WA  Alumni (2010-13) 
Susan Carn Grains and sheep  Flinders Ranges, SA  Alumni (2010-13) 
Susan Findlay Tickner Grains  Wimmera and Balmoral, Vic  Current 

Print-ready documents you can download

A 48-page book from 2012 describing the Climate Champion program and profiling the participating farmers at the time is available for download.

Download Climate Champion book [PDF 5.3 MB]

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