MetAccess allows you to access daily local weather records from the Bureau of Meteorology and gives you sophisticated summaries of climate information, including the probability of specific weather events happening in your region.

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Who this tool is for

APSIM is not designed for use by farmers but it underpins other decision-making tools for farmers, extension officers, government agencies and agribusiness analysts, such as:
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•Whopper Cropper [link to page of same name]
•HowOften? [link to page of same name]
•HowWet? [link to page of same name]

Farmers, agronomists, consultants and people working in landscape management who use historical weather data to make informed production decisions.

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Questions this tool answers

What is the probability of a weather event happening in my region this week/season/year, based on historical weather data?

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What this tool does

MetAccess is a computer program that uses historical weather data to quantify weather variability and assess the likelihood of weather events.

It provides daily weather records for up to 18 elements. These elements fall into 3 broad categories:

  • rain, evaporation and relative humidity
  • temperature, wind, radiation and sunshine
  • thunderstorms, hail, snow, frost, fog, dust, haze, strong winds and gales.

From the data, the program will calculate an estimate of the long-term probability of these elements occurring in your region. Calculations are based on the frequency of patterns in the recorded data and do not involve statistical modelling of variation in weather observations.

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Enter your region, search for an official weather station close to your property, or enter your own daily weather records.

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MetAccess displays data for either daily, monthly or yearly averages or total observations in 5 different ways:

  • historical
  • long-term average
  • average of specified period
  • data for a specified period within years
  • sorted data for a specified period within years.

The program can give you:

  • consecutive means, totals and medians
  • running means, totals or medians
  • summations
  • summed deviations
  • summed normal deviations.

You can see the raw or treated data in graphs, tables, or export it to other programs. You can compare data from multiple weather stations and produce a comparative chart like the one below.


You can refine results by searching for a range of years for a chosen weather element.

The program can also calculate the probability of certain weather events, based on the frequency of patterns in the recorded data.

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All data is supplied by the Australia Bureau of Meteorology from official weather stations around Australia.

MetAccess (from version 1.20 onwards) can also access SILO-format weather data files.

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MetAcess is one of 4 decision-support tools developed as part of the GrazPlan Project.

The GrazPlan Project is an initiative of the former CSIRO Agriculture Flagship (formerly CSIRO Plant Industries). Many people and organisations have provided help and support for the GrazPlan decision support tools including, Australian Wool Innovation; Meat and Livestock Australia; Australia and Pacific Science Foundation, NSW Department of Primary Industries and The University of New England.

The Australian company Horizon Agriculture oversees the commercial operation of the GrazPlan Project.

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Support available

Further information about MetAcess is available on the Horizon Agriculture website.

Technical support is available by contacting:
Phone: 02 9440 8088

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Where to get it

You can purchase MetAcess from Horizon Agriculture.
Phone: 02 9440 8088

The program is only available for computers using Windows 7.

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One-off fee

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