Pastures from Space

Pastures from Space – PGR® allows graziers to optimise pasture production and use, through better informed decision making.

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Who this tool is for

Graziers in south-west Western Australia, southern Australia, and eastern Australia up to Rockhampton, Queensland.


Questions this tool answers

  • What is the pasture growth rate (PGR) for the last 7 days at the paddock, farm or regional scale?
  • What is the forecast PGR for the next 7 days?
  • How variable is PGR within and between paddocks – when should I fertilise, spray or re-sow?
  • What is the PGR profile for the season to date and how does it compare to previous seasons?
  • What targets should I set for stocking rate based on total year dry matter production and how can I adjust it on an ongoing basis depending on the progress of the season?
  • What is the potential stocking rate based on current PGR for various stock classes?
  • How has my pasture responded to fertiliser application?
  • How does productivity of established pasture compare with that of first-year pastures after a crop phase?
  • What is my feed conversion efficiency (kg of wool/meat per kg of pasture grown)?
  • What is my water use efficiency (kg pasture grown per mm of rainfall)?
  • What is my land productivity relative to other people’s or to the shire average?

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What this tool does

Pastures from Space – PGR® gives you pasture growth rate information at the paddock level and whole-of-farm level. Pastures from Space – PGR® can help to inform your decisions, for example by improving:

  • risk management and planning activities
  • feed budgeting
  • decisions about stocking rates and stock movements
  • targeted fertiliser application
  • land-use decisions


Pasture growth rates are generated:

  • during the growing season for Mediterranean regions and
  • throughout the year in regions with predominantly perennial pastures

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You must input a digitized map of your farm paddocks. You can create this map in the ‘mapping module’ of the included ‘Pasture Watch’ software.

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Example output files are included below (Fig 1 - 3). Further examples of the outputs from Pastures from Space, along with all other information, are available from the Pastures from Space website.



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Pastures from Space – PGR® has been widely tested in south-west Western Australia. It is currently being evaluated in Victoria, southeast South Australia and southern New South Wales.

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Pastures from Space – PGR® was developed by CSIRO, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Western Australia, Landgate (West Australian Land Information Authority) with part funding from Australian Wool Innovation.

The PGR® tool has been available commercially in Western Australia from Fairport Technologies International Pty Ltd since 2005, and in eastern states since 2007.

Shire average values of pasture growth rate have been reported weekly through ABC regional radio in Western Australia since 2005.

PGR® data has been used by the National Agricultural Monitoring Service in the assessment of Exceptional Circumstances for drought relief since 2006/07.

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Support available

Pastures from Space™ is supported by Fairport Farm Software.

Support is also available from:



Richard Stovold

Phone: 08 9387 0343





Gonzalo Mata



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Where to get it

Fairport Technologies International Pty Ltd

Phone: 08 9367 5814


PO Box 1046, South Perth, WA 6951

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Pastures from Space™ is available at two levels.

1) Free to the public:

  • Web access to maps of pasture growth rate and ‘Greenness Index’ at the regional level, including zoom to an area of about 60 x 60 km.
  • Web access to tables of pasture growth rate at the shire level.

2) Subscription

Fully functional software including profiles of your pasture at the paddock-scale. All data is exportable to spreadsheets. Cost of subscription varies depending on the size of the property (contact Fairport Technologies International Pty Ltd, Email:

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