Scheduling Irrigation Diary

The Scheduling Irrigation Diary is a simple, online tool which can replace your paper-based records of rainfall and irrigation amounts, and create an irrigation schedule for you showing which fields need irrigation, how much and when.

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Who this tool is for

Irrigators in Queensland.

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Questions this tool answers

  • When should I irrigate?
  • How much water should I use?
  • How much water is the plant using each day?
  • How much in-season rain and irrigation has each field had?

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What this tool does

SYN is designed to give you a quantitative feel for how different components of the farming system (e.g. rotation, tillage, soil type and rainfall) can affect:
•soil nitrogen availability
•grain yield
•quality (e.g. protein in barley)
•dollar returns
The main purpose of SYN is not to recommend a fertiliser rate; rather it is to show the consequences of any possible nitrogen management strategy in any cropping situation.
You need Microsoft Excel® to run SYN.

This web-based decision support tool has simple recording and scheduling features based on evapotranspiration.

The tool allows you to record irrigation and rainfall while also calculating daily crop water use. It assesses crop water needs based on the irrigation amount, irrigation frequency, rainfall and crop water use.

You can more accurately work out how much water your crops need and be able to irrigate more efficiently.

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You enter information about your own farm, such as:

  • farm location
  • location rainfall data (the program automatically retrieves data from the closest Bureau of Meteorology weather station)
  • crops you grow
  • soil type
  • harvest dates
  • expected irrigation refill point (%)
  • application rate (mm/hour).

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Based on your inputs, the Scheduling Irrigation Diary displays:

  • estimated evapotranspiration each day
  • total amount of in-season rainfall
  • irrigation water used
  • when crops will need to be irrigated again.

The program can also produce 2 reports:

  • Scheduling Report – gives a list of when each field needs irrigation and how much water (mm) is necessary to refill the profile.
  • Complete Report – generates summary tables (Figure 1 below) and graphs of total rainfall, irrigation and crop water use (Figure 2 below).

Example of yield and irrigation summary from Scheduling Irrigation Diary report

Example graphs of irrigation and daily crop water requirement from Scheduling Irrigation Diary report

You can see an example [PDF 560 kb] of how the Irrigation Diary works for a fruit grower with sprinkler irrigation in the Lockyer Valley.


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The Scheduling Irrigation Diary has been validated by irrigators throughout south-east Queensland.

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The Scheduling Irrigation Diary is one tool in the Knowledge Management System for Irrigation suite of web-based software tools.

These tools were developed by the National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture (University of Southern Queensland) with funds provided by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (formerly the Department Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry), as part of the Rural Water Use Efficiency: Irrigation Futures project (formerly the South East Queensland Irrigation Futures project).

The project aims to improve irrigation water-use efficiency, benchmarking and best management practices for irrigators in Queensland.

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Support available

Support is available from Michael Scobie, University of Southern Queensland.


Phone: 07 4631 1394

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Where to get it

You use the Scheduling Irrigation Diary on the web.

You need to create an account before you can use the tool. Click on the ‘New Account’ button to create an account.

The tool will soon be available as an app for your smart phone as well.

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