SGS Pasture Model

SGS Pasture model predicts the impacts of climate and management decisions on pasture and animal production.

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Who this tool is for

Agricultural researchers working on sheep and beef grazing systems in temperate, Mediterranean and subtropical Australia.

The model does not provide economic information, which limits its use for farmers.


Questions this tool answers

What are the impacts of climate and management decisions, in various combinations, on my pastures?

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What this tool does

SGS Pasture is a simulation model used for predicting and understanding the consequences of weather and management decisions on sheep and beef grazing systems.

The models predict outcomes according to:

  • pasture growth and utilisation by sheep and beef cattle
  • water and nutrient dynamics
  • animal physiology and production
  • pasture management, irrigation and fertiliser application

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Daily climate data is required for each model, usually sourced from SILO but other climate data can be imported from Microsoft Excel®.

Soil types, pasture species, fertiliser, irrigation, animal type and grazing systems must be specified.

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The models produce annual summaries and daily data of pasture and animal production, water balance and soil nutrients.

Figures 1-3 are examples of SGS Pasture Model outputs.

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SGS Pasture model has been well tested in temperate and Mediterranean regions, and to a lesser extent in subtropical regions.

There is no climate forecasting capability built into the model.

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Meat & Livestock Australia, Dairy Australia and AgResearch (New Zealand) funded development of these models led by researchers at the University of Melbourne.

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Support available

Contact Brendan Cullen, Research Fellow, Melbourne School of Land and Environment, University of Melbourne


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Where to get it

Contact Brendan Cullen or IMJ Consultants for a serial number. You can then download the models.

More information on SGS Pasture Model is here.

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Free to download, but a serial number is required.

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