Decision-support tools for managing climate

The decision-support tools listed alphabetically below have been developed to help you make climate-related decisions.

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Find out about our selection process for including tools on Climate Kelpie

Find out about our selection process for including tools on Climate Kelpie.

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Tool Topic Commodity Region Cost
AfloMan Aflatoxin contamination  Grains (peanuts)  All  Free 
APSFarm Maximising farm profits  Grains, Beef, Sheep, Dairy, Cotton  All  Free 
APSIM Simulation model used in other tool  Grains  All  Free 
AusFarm Mixed farming systems  Grains (wheat and canola), Beef, Sheep  Temperate southern Australia  Annual licence fee 
AussieGrass Pasture growth outlook  Pastures  All grazing regions  Free maps 
Barley diagnostic tool Identify and manage in-crop barley constraints  Barley  Western Australia  Free 
Biodiversity condition toolkit for grazed lands Assess land health and biodiversity  Grazing  Southern Queensland, specifically in the Mulga Lands and Brigalow Belt bioregions  Free 
Canola Diagnostic Tool Identify and manage in-crop canola constraints  Canola  Western Australia  Free 
CliMate Recent weather data and likely climate probabilities for your location (temperature, rainfall, heat sum, nitrate, ENSO)  All  All  Free 
Climate Analogues Explorer Climate predictions for your region  All  All  Free 
Crop disease forecast Crop disease forecasts and steps to take  Grains  Western Australia and, increasingly, all of the southern grain production regions  Free 
CropARM Explore potential yield of different management options  Grains, cotton  All  Free 
DAFWA Weather Stations app Access local weather data across WA  All  Western Australia  Free 
DairyMod Simulation models for whole pasture systems  Beef, Sheep, Dairy  Temperate, Mediterranean and subtropical regions  Free 
Day Degree Report Estimate progress of crop development according to average daily temperature  Cotton  All cotton-growing regions  Free 
Flowering Calculator Flowering times and risk of frost and heat  Grains  Western Australia, South Australia (limited applicability)  Free 
GRASP Simulation model for grass  Beef, Sheep, Dairy  All  Free 
GrassGro Likely lambing/calving time, stocking rates, gross margins  Pastures (beef and sheep on sown pasture)  Southern Australia  One-off fee 
GrazFeed Likely animal production, need for pasture feed  Pastures (beef and sheep)  Southern Australia – temperate and subtropical pastures  One-off fee 
HowOften? Rainfall and run-off probabilities  Grains  All  Free 
HowWet? Soil moisture  Grains  Regions where soil water and nitrate at planting are important (particularly northern grain systems on clay soils)  Free 
Irrigation Optimiser What to plant and how much water to use  All  Irrigated regions  Free 
Last Effective Flower Tool Estimate the date of the last effective [cotton] flower in a season  Cotton  All cotton-growing regions  Free 
MetAcess Assess historical weather data and likelihood of weather events  All  All  One-off fee 
Nitrogen Fertiliser Calculator Nitrogen needs and likely yields  Grains (wheat and sorghum)  Queensland and northern New South Wales  Free 
NitrogenARM Required rate of N fertiliser for maximum gross margin  Wheat, sorghum  Northern grains  Free 
Pastures from Space Current and historical pasture growth rate  Pastures  Temperate and Mediterranean regions of southern Australia  Free or subscription fee 
ProductionWise online tools Map, record, monitor and manage farming activities and crop development more effectively  All  All  Free 
Rain Forecaster Rainfall probabilities and effect on yield  Sugar  Queensland and northern New South Wales  One-off fee 
Rainfall to Pasture Growth Outlook tool Make better pasture and grazing management decisions  Beef  Southern Australia  Free 
Scheduling Irrigation Diary Record rainfall and irrigation  All  south-east Queensland  Free 
Seasonal Climate Analysis Analyse seasonal and regional influences on cotton growth  Cotton  All cotton-growing regions  Free 
Seasonal Crop Shire Yield Forecast Likely seasonal shire yields  Grains  All major cropping regions  Outputs from the tool are free 
SGS Pasture Model Pasture models  All  All  Free 
Shelter Investment tool Helps you determine the financial benefits of providing shelter to increase lamb survival  Sheep/wool  Southern Australia  Free 
SILO Online climate database  All  All  Some free, some subscription fee 
SprayWise Decisions Plan and match chemical applications to your local weather conditions  Cotton, Crops, Grains, Viticulture  All  Subscription fee 
Stem Water Potential calculator app When to irrigate almond and walnut trees  Almonds and Walnuts  Murray River corridor  Free 
SYN [Select Your Nitrogen] Nitrogen needs  Grains  Western Australia  Free 
Wheat diagnostic tool Identify and manage in-crop wheat constraints  Wheat  Western Australia  Free 
Wheat yield constraint calculator Identify constraints that may be limiting your potential yield   Wheat  All wheat growing regions  Free 
WhopperCropper Nitrogen needs and likely yields and gross margins  Grains (wheat and canola in southern Australia and all major winter and summer crops in northern Australia)  All major cropping regions  One-off fee 
Yield and N Calculators Nitrogen needs and likely yields  Grains (cereal and canola)  Dryland regions in southern Australia  Free 
Yield Prophet® Yield potential  Grains (wheat, barley, sorghum, canola, oats)  All dryland and irrigated cropping regions  Subscription fee 

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