Weather and climate forecasts

Here you’ll find links to reputable online sources of weather and climate forecasts for Australia.


Australian climate model - ACCESS

The Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS) is a national weather and climate forecasting system, based on the UK Meteorological Office's Unified Model, but tailored to Australian needs. 

It offers predictions of weather over the coming months and projections of the climate in coming decades.

Developed by the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (CAWCR), ACCESS is a collaboration between the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO, Australian universities and international partners.

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Weather and warnings - Bureau of Meteorology

Weather forecasts, warnings and observations for Bureau of Meteorology weather stations across Australia.

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Water and the Land (WATL) - Bureau of Meteorology

WATL (pronounced 'wattle') brings together climate and weather information for farmers, including forecasts for:

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Seasonal outlooks - Bureau of Meteorology

Seasonal outlooks include:

  • 3-month rainfall outlook – a description of the outlook for north, south-east and western Australia
  • 3-month rainfall outlook – maps and tables showing the chances of exceeding the median or of getting a certain amount
  • 3-month temperature outlook for north, south-east and western Australia
  • ENSO wrap-up - regular commentary on the El Niño - Southern Oscillation
  • ENSO outlooks - forecast of El Niño and La Niña events - a summary of the opinion of National Climate Centre climatologists on the outputs from eight reputable climate models
  • BOM Climate Model SummaryAustralian climate is influenced by temperature patterns in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. This page provides information on Pacific and Indian Ocean outlooks for the coming 6 months based on a survey of international climate models. It is updated monthly.
  • Northern rainfall onset predictionThe Bureau's new northern rainfall onset outlook provides guidance on rainfall timing within the first months of the Australian northern wet season
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Climate Outlooks explainer video - Bureau of Meteorology

A short video released by the Bureau, explaining how you can best interpret climate outlook information to help in your decision-making. Shows you the odds of a weather event occurring, enabling you to plan ahead and make more informed decisions.

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Multi-week forecasts - Centre for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies

This site has a multi-week forecast for Australia.

Temperature and rainfall outlooks:

  • 0–5 day outlook
  • 6–10 day outlook
  • 10-day anomalies

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Multi-week forecast - Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau of Meteorology, with support from Managing Climate Variability, is developing an Australian-based multi-week forecast.

Find out more about the 3 projects:

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Climate outlook and review - International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences

Professor Roger Stone's climate outlook and review update, with a focus on sugar industry requirements.

Includes an overview, probability values for 3 months, recent forecast maps, and links to updated climate and forecast information.

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UK Met Office international forecasts

A website offering 5 day forecasts for international locations.

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Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI) - outlooks

The Long PaddockA monthly climate statement from DSITI which interprets seasonal climate outlook information for Queensland. The statement is based on DSITI's own information and also draws on information from national and international climate agencies.

SPOTA-1: The Seasonal Pacific Ocean Temperature Analysis (version 1), or SPOTA-1, provides long-lead ‘outlooks’ for Queensland summer (November to March) rainfall for the most highly stocked, grazing lands region of Queensland.

It is based on statistical analyses of probabilities from 100 years of sea surface temperature and rainfall data.

The model is currently experimental; however, you can register to receive current and previous SPOTA-1 reports by emailing the administrator for a login and password. Weekly reports are available from early April, modified based on changes to sea surface temperatures.

This work is the property ofDSITI Queensland and forms part of a PhD thesis (in progress). Reports and information are made available to provide you with an opportunity to become familiar with the nature of this ‘long-lead’.

Commentary on rainfall probabilities based on 'phases' of the SOI: DSITIA’s SOI-Phase system produces seasonal rainfall probabilities based on ‘phases’ of the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI).

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MetEye forecasts

Maps of weather observations and the official forecasts produced by the Bureau of Meteorology. 

MetEye is quite different to other map-based systems which often show automatically generated, computer model data. MetEye forecast maps have been adjusted by Bureau meteorologists to better represent expected weather.

MetEye allows users to mix and match a range of data sets (forecasts, latest weather and overlays, such as rain radar and satellite cloud). The grid of weather information is available every 3 or 6km, depending on the size of the state. Smaller states have the 3km grid and larger states have a 6km grid. MetEye displays forecasts for 1 - 7 days ahead. 

For some forecast data there is only one forecast per day (rainfall and min/max temperatures). However, for others during Days 1 - 3 of the forecast period you can have 3 hourly forecast details. Then for Days 4 - 7 you can see the predictions for 6 hourly periods.

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NSW Climate Summary monthly

The NSW Climate Summary monthly report provides a snapshot of the seasonal outlook and current conditions from the NSW Seasonal Conditions Reports, in an easy to read 4-page format with additional graphs and charts. 

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NSW Seasonal Conditions Summary monthly

A report issued each month containing information on rainfall, water storages, crops, livestock and other issues. 

It is available to landholders to help them make informed decisions on how they manage operations, and prepare for seasonal conditions and drought.

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CottonInfo Moisture Manager e-newsletter

A fortnightly e-newsletter issued by CottonInfo to provide the latest forecasts and predictions from leading weather models. 

You can sign up to receive the e-newsletter each fortnight by email, or view the latest and previous editions on the CottonInfo e-newsletter webpage.

CottonInfo is a joint venture between the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC), Cotton Australia and Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd. It was designed to connect you - as a cotton grower, consultant or agronomist - with the latest news, information and research, to help you achieve best practice.

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Monthly Water Update

This update from the Bureau of Meteorology provides an overview of rainfall patterns and streamflow status across Australia. 

Rainfall is considered a key driver of streamflow. It is shown here alongside flows from over 222 gauging stations, across 9 of the 13 topographic drainage divisions in Australia.

The update interprets the hydrological status of surface water flows each month.

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Seasonal streamflow forecasts

The Bureau of Meteorology's seasonal streamflow forecasts help a wide range of water users and managers improve their water management and decision-making skills.

Developed in partnership with CSIRO, the forecasts are issued monthly for total flow spanning that month and the following two months.

Seasonal steamflow forecasts complement the Bureau's seasonal rainfall and temperature outlooks

To find out more you can watch the Seasonal Streamflow video or read the product fact sheet.

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7-day streamflow forecasts service

This service from the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts likely streamflows for the coming week at more than 100 locations across Australia. 

Combining rain forecasts with rainfall and streamflow observations, the service predicts whether rivers are likely to rise or fall in the next 7 days. 

It shows whether forecast rain will be enough to increase river flow, and how this will compare to normal flow for this time of the year.

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Annual Climate Statement

The Bureau's of Meteorology's overview of Australia's climate for the previous year, covering rainfall, temperature and significant events.

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NOAA Climate Prediction Center

This site shows global weather and climate information:

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Oz Forecast

This site (and app) shows local Australian weather and climate information:

  • current temperature, rainfall, wind and humidity
  • local radar
  • 1-week forecast for temperature, rainfall and wind
  • 16-day forecast, 4-day and 3-month graphs
  • statewide extremes of temperature, rainfall and wind.

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