DAFWA Weather Stations app

This Weather Stations app provides easy access to local weather data in Western Australia, to help growers make more-informed management decisions. 

It is an extension of the Weather Stations tool available on the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia (DAFWA) website.


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Who this tool is for

This app was developed by DAFWA to make weather information more accessible to farmers across Western Australia, by being available on a mobile platform. 


Questions this tool answers

  • Is it a good time to irrigate my crops?
  • What rate of evaporation can I expect today?
  • Are the current wind speed and direction suitable for spraying?
  • Based on previous data, what seasonal changes can I expect?

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What this tool does

The app draws live data from more than 130 weather stations across WA, including five stations within the metropolitan area of Perth.

The weather stations report every 10 minutes, providing up-to-date information on air temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and wind direction. Most stations also measure incoming solar radiation, so you can calculate evaporation rates.

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  • Select a weather station 
    • The app will either find your nearby station automatically using your phone’s location service (geolocation), or you can manually select from the list of stations provided. A map view is also available. 
  • Save your selections as favourites, so you can access them again at any time.

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  • Weather data from the last day, week, month or year can be viewed and saved so you can view it again in future. 
  • By enabling easy access to this data, the app can help you make time-critical decisions for your crops, such as choosing the right conditions for spraying or scheduling irrigation.
  • The app can also link you to other crop tools, such as Yield Prophet® (a crop yield estimator), which can provide more robust risk-management information and advice.

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Mobile phone reception or wi-fi connectivity is needed to access this app’s data.

It is important to note that the app is designed to measure current weather conditions - it cannot forecast weather patterns or predict future weather events. 

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This app was developed by DAFWA in response to the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets in day-to-day farm management. 

Previously, the data was only available through the Weather Stations tool on the DAFWA website. 

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Support available

More information and support are available from DAFWA Research Officer Ian Foster. 

Email: ian.foster@agric.wa.gov.au 

Phone: 08 9363 4812

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Where to get it

The app is available for most mobile devices, including iPhones and Android smartphones, iPads and tablets. Download it for free at the iTunes or Android app stores, by searching ‘DAFWA Weather Stations’.

The first time you run the app, you will need to log in using your DAFWA account. If you don't have an account, you can register through either the app or the DAFWA website.

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