Mitigation Options Tool for agriculture

The Mitigation Options Tool suggests greenhouse gas mitigation options that are well suited to your farm's production system, soils and climatic conditions.

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Who this tool is for

Farmers and decision-makers who want to identify production systems which can emit less greenhouse gases or which can sequester carbon. The tool can be used for multiple crops (e.g. barley, maize, sugar cane), crop groups (e.g. vegetables, legumes) and livestock.

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Questions this tool answers

What are the most effective mitigation options for dozens of different crops according to their mitigation potential, for my current management practices and climate and soil characteristics?

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What this tool does

The tool ranks mitigation options by estimating GHG emissions and carbon sequestration in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent per kilogram per hectare and carbon dioxide equivalent per unit of product. This is based on input from you about your management.

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The tool has five main data input sections for you to fill in:

  • General input (country, climate, soil details, land use change, and ecological zone)
  • Crop (type, yield and residue, tillage, cover crop, type and amount of organic fertilizer, whether the duration is more or less than 20 years, synthetic fertilizer, and where the fertilizer is produced)
  • Rice (type, yield and residue, specific climate categorization, baseline management, soil management, and details on organic and synthetic fertilizer used)
  • Grassland (grazed, un-grazed, type, yield and residue, details on baseline management practices, soil, and details on organic and synthetic fertilizer used)
  • Livestock (type, production system, body weight, and product).

You can choose to put in detailed or simplified inputs, in some cases.

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The tool then gives you tables and graphs of estimated GHG emissions in kgCO2e/ha and in kgCO2e/kg product.

Example of GHG emissions


It also shows GHG emissions in the case there is land use change in the form of deforestation following by burning.

Example of total GHG emissions


You can see more detailed results by scrolling further through its analysis.

Example of mitigation options


The results give information on several mitigation options with the potential of reducing GHG emissions. Apart from the mitigation options suggested, the tool also suggests a range of agroforestry systems that can be implemented in cropland.

Example of agroforestry and sequestration options


Example of detailed mitigation information


You can see a demonstration for a rice crop [PDF, 329 kB] that the researchers have provided.

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The suggestions the tool gives are based on empirical models and data from over a dozen different research studies.

This version of the tool is a beta version, so you can use the tool and give feedback to the researchers if you wish to.

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Researchers at the University of Aberdeen, in partnership with CCAFS, the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), and the University of Vermont’s Gund Institute for Environment, are developing the tool.

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Support available

Guidelines for the tool are available online [PDF, 1.10 MB].

You can give feedback to researchers Julianna White (CCAFS) or Diana Feliciano (University of Aberdeen).

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Where to get it

Information on the tool is available online, or you can download the Excel file directly [2.4 MB].

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