Rainfall to Pasture Growth Outlook tool

The Rainfall to Pasture Growth Outlook tool uses historical and current weather information to help southern Australian beef producers make better pasture and grazing management decisions.


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Who this tool is for

Beef producers across southern Australia


Questions this tool answers

  • How does my pasture typically grow across the year?
  • How much does that growth vary between the years? 
  • What will the impacts of climate be on pasture growth for the coming month or the coming year?
  • How can pasture growth estimates help me make better decisions and maximise my profit?


What this tool does

The tool helps you make better management decisions by estimating your pasture growth in relation to rainfall, soil moisture and other climatic conditions.



You start by selecting a weather station, either by clicking directly on a pin on the map provided or by entering your postcode. 

The tool allows you to select any of the 3300+ weather stations in southern Australia.

You can save your weather station searches for future use by registering an account. You must be registered to access the rainfall and pasture growth outlooks for your area.



The tool provides rainfall, soil moisture and pasture growth data for the previous 9 months, and an outlook of up to 3 months, for 3300+ weather stations across southern Australia. This information is updated weekly.

It provides an index of potential pasture growth, not a prediction of actual growth. This index is interpreted in light of specific species, soil type, fertiliser history and aspect relevant to your location.

The tool enables you to factor this information into your enterprise planning and management.

Information provided for your selected station includes annual patterns of rainfall, soil moisture, pasture growth and number of frost days.

For each outlook report, a summary details why that information is important for your specific operation.

The pasture growth outlook helps you compare future feed demand against expected supply from your pasture.



All weather information accessed by the tool has been recorded by the Bureau of Meteorology and adjusted by the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation (DSITI).



The tool was developed by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) and funded by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

This tool is part of the MLA More Beef from Pastures project - a resource and information package designed to deliver principles and practices for a successful beef business. 


Support available

Further information is available on the MLA website. 

Video tutorials demonstrate how the tool works, how the results can be interpreted and how they can be used in your business most effectively. 

The Tips and Tools publication on the MLA website gives a quick overview of how to use the tool. 


Where to get it

The tool is free to use on the MLA website.





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