Terra Nova climate projection tool

Look at climate variables projected for Australia on a 5 kilometre-gridded map. You can see characteristics such as season's rainfall, temperatures, wettest/driest/hottest/coldest months, and more.

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Who this tool is for

People who want to explore projected climate changes in Australia in detail - including analysing, viewing and comparing different climate scenarios.

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Questions this tool answers

What is the projected trend, for best- to worst-case emissions scenarios, within different climate models, for out to 2085, for climate variables such as:

  • Temperature: winter, summer, daily, annual, seasonal, wettest, driest, range
  • Rainfall: annual, summer, winter, seasonal, wettest, driest
  • Months: wettest, driest, coldest, hottest
  • Isothermality.

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What this tool does

This online visualisation tool lets you see how different climate variables may change over time out to 2085, for a variety of climate models and emissions scenarios. You are given the results on a map which you can interact with, down to a 5 kilometre grid.

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You choose the climate scenario, climate model, climate variable, and year you want to see. Then click 'render new map'.

You can then zoom in on the results and move the map around.

You can also look up location-specific values using coordinates and mapping tools.

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The map shows you the projected climate variable on the interactive map.

For example, below is the projected summer rain for one climate model and one emissions scenario, for the year 2045.

Terra Nova example result

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The datasets come from institutions such as CSIRO, the UK Met Office, and so on.

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The Terra Nova project is a joint initiative between Climate Change Adaptation Response Program (Griffith University), the Queensland CyberInfrastructure Foundation, and the Australian National Data Service.

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Support available

You can get in touch with the Terra Nova team via:

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Where to get it

Use the Terra Nova tool online at: http://ccav.terranova.org.au/climate-projection-geo-browser. There is no download.

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